This is EXTREMELY important.  Really look into how much EFFORT and TIME it is going take to build your business.

And if none of the people you sponsor are building, will you be able to make decent money????

Building an organization is incredibly empowering.  Finding a place that will help you achieve your goals in a shorter time frame and not have to build a team of thousands to do it is the most powerful kind of leverage there is, in my book.....

Take a look a that compensation plan.  What is it going to take to get you to your goal?

Do your due diligence.  That doesn't mean read one review and decide whether or not something is good or bad.  Get a sense of the leadership of the company.  How does the company react to obstacles?

Is the community pushy and greedy or a are people helpful and inspiring?

I happen to really love the community and leadership here at Empower Network.

WARNING:  If you don't like transparency, you won't like it here.

Let me give you a sense for the transparency of Empower Network.  Our leaders and founders have has obstacles, just like every other human being on the planet.

Here is a post from one of the founders, David Wood, last year.

Now, while I personally don't condone what he did, I DO understand that people make mistakes.  There is no one among who doesn't make bad decisions from time to time.  It's what you do afterward that matters.

He has owned up - in a very public way I might add.  He could have released the information more subtley and in less detail, but he didn't. 

And now he is more focused and on-purpose than ever.

Take a look at this post from Dave Wood and David Sharpe, the other co-founder.

How much courage and lack of ego does it take to stop down?  I can't even imagine.  *Leadership personified.*


If you and not currently involved in a home based business or the company you are with doesn't meet your needs and values, I encourage you to take a closer look at Empower Network.  The leadership and vision are strong, the community keeps it real and the compensation plan is the best leveraged model I've seen.

Speaking of the compensation model?  Here's a look.



Live YOUR Best Life!

If you are building someone else's downline for them or someone is doing that for you... it is COMPLETELY Dis-empowering.

You are not helping people when you build a downline for them.  Instead of teaching people to produce, you are teaching people NOT to produce.  Doing  a team-build is failing people.

This is a short-term strategy to make money quickly. 

If this is your strategy, you jump from company to company, because adopting this strategy is like building a deck of cards. 

The person's businesses you are building is not accountable for their own business and will fail because they don't have the intention to work and build one.  Eventually the organization falls apart because there aren't enough 'builders'.

I'll be honest.  It's harder to teach people to build rather than just doing it yourself.  But it will NOT work out for you in the long run.

Hope you found this helpful.  Please share if you did.  :)


Live YOUR Best Life,



p.s.  There is NO team-build or non-personal downline building going on up in here.  We SHOW you how to put your money where your mouth is!

Ready to rock with me?  Click here and let's do it!


Have you paid people to get into your business?

If not, have you had someone approach you about that?


IF you are in a business like Network Marketing or helping people to grow a business with a company, I HIGHLY recommed that you do not implement this practice.

Think about a brick-and-mortar business.  Would they pay people to use their valuable products?  NO.  Because it completely de-values you AND your products.

Paying people's way in to a business is not only a waste of time, because you will sponsor deadbeats who have no incentive to do anything themselves, it also positions you in a place of desperation.

Your image and brand are extremely important.  Don't de-value your brand.


Hope you enjoyed this information!

Live YOUR Best Life,

p.s.  Interested in working with me?  You can do that HERE.

Treat your business like a business.

  1. Set times to work it, and when it's time to work, spend time on activities that will produce incomeBeing busy, doesn't mean you are being productive.
  2. Quit whining about what your affiliate company doesn't give you!  You are in business and this means you MUST be a problem solver.  See a need for training or information that your company doesn't provide?  Find out how to answer that question and FILL THAT NEED.  Your customers and partners will appreciate you more!
  3. INVEST in your business.  If you need tools and training to get your business off the ground, get them.  Think about it this way....  would a plumber, a carpenter, a home builder be able to grow a business and do their work if they didn't have the tools and training required to 'get 'er done'?

If you're going to be in business, be in business.  Otherwise, just call it what it is...  a hobby!  I done that before and it becomes an EXPENSIVE HOBBY.

Hope you enjoyed this information.  :)

If your ready to rock it out with me, that easy!


Live YOUR Best Life!



So.  There it is. 

That's how I feel.

That is the real deal.

If you want to unsubscribe, I wish you well.  I sincerely do.  :)


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